Executive Summary

The Yura Gold Project is located approximately 30 kilometers west of Arequipa, Peru, in the northern part of the Atacama Desert. It comprises a group of concessions within the productive Incapuquio structural zone that total 10,504 hectares. The project covers most of an 11 kilometer diameter circular zone of intersecting shearing trends within felsic intrusive rocks. Informal mine workings are widespread, with some being very substantial.

Geological mapping and sampling has been completed on a large part of the project. Strong gold mineralization has been identified in many target areas. The project contains both open pit and underground mining targets. One of the open pit targets is a breccia body measuring at least 400 by 300 meters. A total of 91 samples from the zone averaged 3.7 g/t Au. The other open pit target consists of a 1000 by 400 meter zone of strong shearing, alteration and high-grade quartz veins.

The underground mining targets are quartz veins with high-grade ore shoots. Their chemistry, texture and regional geologic setting suggest that they are in the orogenic class of gold deposits. Informal miners have also mined wallrock in several areas. Many of these have been identified on the property, and where there are several in close proximity, they may be economic to mine. The veins are similar to those at the San Juan Chorunga Mine, 62 kilometers to the northwest of the Yura Gold Project. Those veins have been mined for 60 years and to a depth of 1400 meters.

Other positive aspects of the project:

  • Project administration in place.
  • Camp facilities and easy road access from nearby Arequipa.
  • Heavy equipment on site.
  • Large capacity explosives magazine and all explosives licenses.
  • Good relations with nearby communities and a strong public relations program.

The Yura Gold Project is ready for drilling and mining, thus allowing investment funds to go directly to the activities of finding and producing gold. For detailed information, please see the full technical report.

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